Bird Dog Training Guide

May 26, 2016

Bird Dog Training Guide

If you enjoy hunting a lot then you’ll definitely need a four legged friend to accompany you on your trips into the wilderness. A bird dog is a great animal to acquire because it will enable you to hunt feathered game with a great deal of success. Of course, the partnership will only be successful if both the human and canine are in perfect agreement with each other. Reading a really good bird dog training guide will help you train your dog to perform in a certain manner so that you come back from your hunting trips with a satisfactorily full bag of game.

It is not at all easy to train a bird dog to very high standards. The first thing that you have to start with is the kind of dog that you have to train. Be sure to select the right pup that you will begin to train. It is practically impossible to get good results with an animal that is half grown because it would have already become set in its ways.

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It is very important to give your dog lots of practice. The best way to go about this is by investing in a supply of small birds such as quail and pigeons. You can then give your dog plenty of training sessions with them. Your dog should also be given the best possible nutrition so that it develops into a very good hunting companion. Make sure that it gets regular checkups at the vet as well.

It is very important to be patient and understanding with a dog that one is trying to train. If you threaten the animal then it will get scared and this will interfere with its ability to absorb the lessons you are imparting. You will always get the best results from an animal that loves you rather than one that fears you. You should ideally keep the lessons short so that the animal does not get bored of them.

If your dog is well trained then there is no risk of antagonizing other hunters who get put off by the behavior of undisciplined dogs. Certain types of behavior are very disruptive and you will become very unpopular if your dog misbehaves. You need to be absolutely certain that you are following the right steps when training your bird dog. Get training tips from an expert if necessary so that you do not do anything wrong by mistake.

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  1. Thanks for this informative piece. My parents recently acquired a hunting dog - a Basset Hound and they are super excited to start training her. I think she is a very obedient and affectionate dog and will be a great hunter once she finished her training. I've been reading a lot about dogs who are avid hunters and I hope their dog will be one, too. Is there a particular diet that these dogs should have in order to help with their agility? Any particular brand of dogfood? Anyways, here's some more info about hunting dogs that I've recently found