Quick And Effective Basic Dog Training For Your Dog!

November 19, 2016
If you have recently become the proud owner of a little pup, then you’re probably already beginning to give some thought to basic dog training in order to have some control over your new dog.

The easiest option is to take your puppy along to local dog training lessons. However, fees for these lessons can vary by large amounts and you also have the problem of getting your new dog to class. For many, it’s quite simple to teach your new dog the basics of dog training at home, in a manner that will help you both have a more peaceful co-habitation together.

To begin with you need to teach your new dog three important and basic commands, stay, sit and come. Treats work well when training your dog and they’ll make sure that your dog is paying attention to you as you begin training him these basic training commands. So make sure you have a good supply of dog treats available before starting.

To begin with, we’ll begin with the sit command. Be sure that you find somewhere quiet where your dog won’t be distracted. Then hold a treat over your dog’s head and tell him to sit over and over again. He is more prone to sit whilst his head is looking up at the treat. If this proves to be unsuccessful, then just slowly press his rear down. Once he does sit, give him plenty of praise and then reward him! Practice this a few times and your dog will soon pick up what you’re telling him and will quickly begin sitting at your command!
Our next command to instruct the dog is to stay. This will probably prove to be a little harder for your dog to learn. Begin with having your dog sit then repeat the command ‘stay’ and you hold your hand up and then slowly step backwards. If your dog begins to move, tell him “no” and begin again. As already stated, this is going to require a little patience. Be firm with your commands and reward him when he does do well.

Last and not least, is teaching your dog to come to you. Again, have him sit in place and tell him to “stay”. After you have backed away and a brief pause, pat your thighs cheerfully and command your dog to “come” to you. Your dog shouldn’t have too much problem responding to your cheerful manner and once he comes to you, again respond by praise and a little reward for him.

These basic commands should not be too difficult for your dog. Treat your dog in a patient and loving manner and he will enjoy learning with you, acting angrily and negatively will just make the lessons so much harder. Love not fear is the only way to train your dog.

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