Anti Bark Collar - What You Should Know Before Buying!

January 24, 2017
Anti Bark Collar
Have you considered using an anti bark collar on one of your 4 footed buddies? Many people have thought about these devices, particularly when their normally quiet and well mannered dog begins to howl and bark in the middle of the night.

When you have a dog of course you want to be able to train them properly. Each dog will have his own set of issues for you to deal with and many of these issues center on the behavior a dog is exhibiting.

Barking is one of the most natural responses for a dog but sometimes this noisy activity can get a little out of hand. At times like this owners often turn to an anti-barking collar to help them teach their dogs to keep that barking in check.

Now, of course not all dogs will respond positively to this type of correction but for most owners these collars are the best way to redirect their dog’s energy away from that annoying, constant barking. There are currently 3 types of dog bark collars that are available. You can find them at local pet stores and at reputable online vendors.

Electronic Dog Collars (Shock Collars)

Anti Bark CollarThe electronic anti-bark dog collar is also called a shock collar for dogs. This is a battery operated device that attaches to a training collar. When a dog begins to bark this device will emit a shock equivalent to a static charge.

This negative reinforcement will get the dog’s attention and break the cycle of unrelenting barking. After several shocks the dog is going to realize that the barking is what triggers the shock and this will cause him to stop barking so that he can avoid the small jolt of static electricity.

Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Collars

The ultrasonic barking collars are best used in outdoor settings. In fact they are often referred to as outdoor bark control devices. When your dog begins to bark these collars will begin to send out a very high pitched tone that is supposed to distract your noisy pet to the point where he will cease those barking sounds.

Spray Collars for Dogs

There are also some spray collars with anti bark collar capabilities. These anti-barking collars are designed to release a spray of citronella whenever a dog begins that undesirable barking. Citronella is harmless but it is distracting and unpleasant to the sensitive noses of dogs. To avoid the repeat of future spraying incidents your dog should quickly learn that he should refrain from any additional barking behavior.

You will undoubtedly hear both positive and negative comments regarding the use of any anti bark collar. There will be people who praise these devices and also some who are convinced that these should not be used on any animal.

Although the reason for this reluctance is due to the fact that some consider dog bark collars as harsh forms of correction, these devices are some of the safest and best methods available to help an owner teach his dog to control that barking behavior.

The best choice of action for any dog owner is to try positive reinforcement as their first method of training. Barking, chewing and digging can all be undesirable “doggie” behaviors if these activities are allowed to go unchecked.

Controlling, disciplining and teaching your canine buddy through positive training methods will often be the key to eliminating the unwanted behaviors but if such standard training techniques fail to work then the anti-barking collars can become part of your routine.

Using an Anti Bark Collar

Being able to find a quality dog bark collar that is effective, safe and reliable is often the most difficult part of the journey. If you take the time to do some research you will discover which collar is best suited for your pet and you will also understand how it works.

You will have to become the alpha member of your home dog pack and make sure that you use this dog training device properly. This means that you will determine whether or not your dog is going to wear the device.

If you make sure that any one of the leading anti bark collar styles you choose is also regularly used during your training sessions it will be easier for you to get those desired results.

There are some instances where an anti bark collar has caused skin sensitivity issues. A few dogs have developed hair loss or rashes from wearing some styles of collars.

Of course you will also hear about dogs that become anxious about being exposed to these bark control devices. Then there are a very few canines who will resist even these solid, scientific methods of controlling their behavior. Luckily most dogs will tolerate these types of collars without problem, and the majority of them learn to control that non-stop barking.

One important point that is often overlooked involves the primary reason for using one of these anti bark collar devices. It is not that the owner is being thoughtless, cold or lazy. Quite the opposite.

The owner has been unsuccessful at breaking this very annoying canine habit and is searching for a realistic method that offers a good chance of stopping that noisy and annoying barking his pet refuses to rein in. Instead of having to surrender his pet to please the neighbors using anti-barking collars shows that this owner is responsible and caring.

If you decide to use one of these dog bark collars you need to be sure that you test it yourself before you use it on any dog. This will let you see exactly what the anti bark collar does and how it will work. Then when you are finally ready to place it on your pet you need to closely observe the situation for at least 2-4 days so that you will be able to determine:
  • How your dog reacts
  • If the anti bark collar is functioning properly
When you are using one of the anti-barking collars with adjustable settings you should always begin with the very lowest of these settings. The shock that these devices issue is similar to that of the static charge someone might feel when sliding their feet across the surface of a carpet.

Common Response of Dogs

Most dogs will make a yelp or squeal the first time these collars are triggered. This does not mean that the dog is being harmed, but it does show surprise and mild alarm.

This is quite normal and is no reason for any alarm. If your dog is constantly yelping or begins to whimper you need to immediately remove the anti bark collar and check to see that it is not defective in its manner of operation.

Final Thoughts to Remember

Anti-barking collars can be some of the best training products for any dog but you have to remember to keep an eye on the situation. With proper monitoring you can see maximum results in a short period of time and stop that unwanted barking behavior in its tracks with the use of an anti bark collar.

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