Stop Dog Scratching Before It Becomes A Major Health Issue

January 31, 2017
In this site you'll learn what causes heart disease and the simple way to get away from it. Perhaps, it might be right under your nose.

Stop Dog Scratching Before It Becomes A Major Health Issue
Today, many people are suffering from heart disease, and two third of them die from a heart attack.
What do you think about it?

Have you ever wondered why this number keeps increasing when there are many medical breakthroughs emerging every now and then?

Still, there are many people around you who are suffering from heart disease. There might be your friend, your relatives, or your love ones.

Yes, they are all around you.

Now you have a good chance to learn about what causes heart disease and the way to prevent it. They are beneficial to you to live well.

"Why should I do when I am healthy?" you ask.

Most people usually think they are healthy. So they don't take care of their heart health until they get into trouble and find themselves lying on the bed in I.C.U.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease (or cardiopathy) is a simple phrase for a variety of different diseases affecting the heart. It is the number one killer in the U.S. and all over the world!

Of course, you can prevent and cure heart disease in the first place. However, most people don't realize the early sign of it until they get into trouble with the heart attack.

Unfortunately there's a little chance for 100% recovery at this stage.

So you'd better take care of your heart health now. At least, before it's too late.

The Early Warning Sign

Chest pain is a common early sign of heart disease. It is the result we can see from what causes heart disease.

If you often have chest pain, especially when you are under stress, you may want to see the doctor and check if you have the risk of heart disease.

Don't wait until you have more serious problem.

One Third Dies From Heart Attack!

Do you know the fact that one third of people with heart disease die from heart attacks?

This is because the heart attack occurs unexpectedly. It doesn't warn you when it's going to happen. However, it is the result of what causes heart disease.

The better way to know more about heart attack is to understand the signs of heart attack. And see if you have one of them so that you can prepare for taking care of your health even more.

Let's take a look at statistic for a second...

Today heart disease has killed over 7.2 million people every year.

In the U.S. alone, heart disease patient dies every 40 seconds. Likewise, the death happens every 30 minutes in Thailand. Still, the numbers are increasing!

Clogged Arteries

Basically, heart disease is something related to the heart and the blood vessel. The most common cause is clogged arteries.

Your heart doesn't get the sufficient blood in order to function properly. Such condition will lead to hypertension, heart attack and stroke in the long run.

However, the heart disease doesn't occur suddenly. The leading condition has been gradually built up for years before you notice what's wrong with your heart health.

Studies found that a blood clot is the most common to what causes heart disease.

What is the Blood Clot?

Studies indicates that microorganism is a cause of the injury on the arterial wall.

When the organism enters into the bloodstream, it will attack arterial cells until the arterial wall gets damaged.

The inflammations and infections occur on the injury. It automatically triggers the body to put the effort to heal the wound.

Blood platelets, calcium, proteins and other lipids combine together in order to heal the wound on the arterial wall. This will also cause the plaque sticking to the arterial wall.

In fact, it's called Atheromatous Plaque, the beginning stage of what causes heart disease.

The plaque looks similar to a small chunk of cooked rice sticking on the inner vessel wall.

If the infections remain, the plaque continues growing inwards the arterial wall, causing the blood vessel narrow.

Sometimes, the bigger plaque breaks up the arterial wall. Then the blood clot develops and attaches to the plaque.

The blood clot continues growing until it makes the blood vessel clogged. So, the blood is unable to flow naturally.

We call this condition 'Atherosclerosis' , which is the main reason of what causes heart disease.

Heart Attacks and Stroke

It's very often for the blood clot to split off from the vessel wall, and flows freely into the bloodstream.

If the blood clot encounters to the smaller vessel where the existing plaque is forming, it will make the artery clogged very easily.

If the coronary artery gets clogged up, your heart gets deficient blood, and you may have heart attacks.

If it has a blockage in the blood flow to the brain, you are more likely to have an ischemic stroke.

Hidden Cause of Heart Disease

Now you know the way how the plaque forms into our arterie, and what causes heart disease.

There is the overlooked cause that allows the plaque builds up faster.

It is the excessive fats that are stored in our body and flow freely into the bloodstream.

Where do they come from?

The vegetable oils that we take everyday contain poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

The body just can't burn them all because the fatty acids are larger than the fats in coconut oil.

So, what the body does is collect the rest of them as a fat in the body fat cells.

Sometimes they circulate freely in the bloodstream.

Chances are the blood clot can be developed in the arterie, leading to heart disease at the end.

You may be using soy bean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, canola oil, or corn oil, etc. They all are unsaturated oils that possibly cause a heart disease in the long run.

A Change to the Better Health

If most of the unsaturated oils give you the risk of heart disease, then what is the better one?
Ssaturated oil is the answer.

I highly recommend virgin coconut oil because it contains a lot of healthy saturated fats in nature. The coconut oil nutrition gives you a wide range of health benefits.

It's really amazing!

Anyway heart disease is the number one silent killer these days. More and more people are suffering from it, and soon they will die if left untreated.

The risk factor what causes heart disease is the diet that we take daily, especially one with the unsaturated oil.

Moreover, sex, stress, smoking, lack of exercise and heredity are also the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

However, to minimize the risk, you need to take care of yourself now, at least, before it's too late.
A dog that scratches over and over again is an annoyed dog so it is necessary to stop dog scratching immediately.

Dog owners around the globe are anxious about helping their dog to learn not to obsess over scratching.

Scratching can be initiated by external irritants like fleas or internal forces like being bored and under stimulated. Skin problems occur when over scratching is not addressed appropriately.

Why Do Dogs Scratch So Much?

A dog owner must first discover the underlying cause prior to be in a position to stop dog scratching. There can be a variety of reasons.
  • Allergies – Allergic reactions can be produced by plants, dust, fleas and food. Just like they do for humans. These allergies can cause a dog to scratch incessantly.
  • Lack of Proper Nutrition – Dry skin created by an improper diet can result in open sores, eczema and bad hair.
  • Infections – Fungus, bacteria and yeast can cause infections of the skin. Signs of this include, but is not limited to swelling and redness, patches of skin without hair and sores that may or may not ooze.
  • Bugs – Fleas, flies, mites, gnats and ticks can motivate a dog to scratch the same spot over and over again. There are many choices in medication to end these annoyances. 
  • Environmental – A big change in the environment, prolonged exposure to water, or other obsessive behaviors like digging can lead to scratching.
  • Neurological Issues – Separation anxiety, a lack of mental or physical exercise can all end in a nervous pet. A nervous pet may soothe himself by excessive chewing, licking and scratching.

 The Imminent Vet Visit

Once you think you know why your pet is scratching you can visit your veterinarian for confirmation and for treatment choices. Don’t be shocked if full check up is needed to help make a diagnosis to stop dog scratching. Allergies will probably be treated with little changes to your pet’s diet and antihistamines. Parasites can be destroyed with medications as well along with timely flea baths. Infections will require creams to use externally and antibiotics to treat the internal infections.

Stop Dog Scratching – Neurological Scratching

The cause of neurogenic scratching is harder to pinpoint and eliminate than the physical causes of scratching. The physical effects can be treated with medication or small changes in diet and exercise habits. But for obsessive, prolonged neurogenic itching, a special approach is needed.

Plenty of exercise is vital to stop dog scratching. It helps fight boredom. Boredom can lead to a nervous tic that causes your dog to lick or scratch constantly in a hypnotic fashion. Besides exercise, try adding a non-harmful spray that contains cayenne or bitter apple to his favorite spot to lick. This will help break them of the habit.

You can request a cone from your veterinarian. These cones will not let your pet to scratch those sore and itchy spots. You can remove the cone once they overcome the habit of scratching in those particular places and their activities more closely identify with normal behavior for dogs.

If these remedies do not work, or your dog seems to respond appropriately and then goes back to scratching and licking, you may want to consider a return visit to your veterinarian to stop dog scratching. They can once again rule out any physical problems that may have cropped up in the process of treatment.

You can never be too overprotective when it comes to protecting your dog. Paying proper attention to your pet will help in identifying why your dog is scratching so much, thus helping you stop dog scratching. Often the treatment is simple and the ailment is swiftly cured.

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