Advice on Puppy Training - Achieving a Well Trained Companion

February 09, 2017
Advice on Puppy Training
There are many sources of advice on puppy training. One can buy various books and subscribe to numerous magazines to get the best tips and ideas. In reality though, training a puppy is in many ways similar to raising a baby.

Puppies have to be watched closely during their first weeks and even months of life. There are things you have to accept as being out of your control.

You have to put up cherished items while you train your puppy and you have to make allowances in your daily schedule to do things when the puppy needs them and not when you wish it.

It takes a lot of work to train a puppy, but the rewards are great, you will have a forever friend who won’t max out your credit card and can’t crash your car when they are older.
Advice on Puppy Training
One of the most important pieces of advice on puppy training that one can get is to set up a schedule. Make a set time to do the things your pet needs done. If you set up routine times for feeding, walks, playing and many other things the puppy will begin to learn what to expect and attempt to act accordingly.

Animals in many ways are very routine oriented and if you adapt this in the training of your puppy things will progress for you and the puppy at a much faster rate.

Establish routines of what you wish the puppy to do when it is time for a walk, time to eat or time to sleep. You may want the puppy to sit and wait while you prepare his food, this is good because then he sees that food doesn’t just appear but that you are responsible for it. This helps in establishing your role as someone the puppy best pay attention to.

Walks are another way to establish who is leader. Make sure your puppy starts to learn the routine you set for going on walks. Making a puppy work for his rewards is helpful to them and makes the process much smoother for you.

The most valuable advice on puppy training is to have patience. Puppy training does not happen overnight. It can be a slow process for even the most experienced trainers. It takes a great deal of hard work and patience to keep repeating the same steps over and over until the puppy understands what is expected of him.

Puppies are very smart, but they have their own unique personalities. Remember to be patient and eventually you will have a well trained companion.

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