Aggressive Dog Training - How to Get Started

February 10, 2017
Aggressive Dog Training
Aggressive dog training is something that many pet owners are reluctant to tackle on their own. Unfortunately, overly aggressive dogs are problematic not only for owners but for neighbors and children.

While it may be all but impossible to break a dog of its aggressive behavior in some cases, the vast majority of animals can be saved if a dog owner follows a few simple steps.

There is no shortage of techniques available to an individual interested in curbing their dog’s aggressive behavior, but the one thing that virtually all methods have in common is the fact that aggression on the part of the owner will do nothing to rectify the situation.

Aggressive Dog TrainingThe best time to counteract aggressive behavior is when the dog is still a puppy. Aggressive dog training should begin as soon as possible since it becomes more difficult to stop once the animal is older. This means that is necessary for a dog owner to pay careful attention to how they play with their puppy.

Even a game as innocent as simple tug-of-war can allow a dog to exhibit aggressive behavior. This is especially true if the animal has a tendency to nip or bite during play.

During playtime with the puppy, aggressive dog training may require little more than stopping the game as soon as the dog shows aggression. A puppy is much more in tune to what its owner is doing and since they look forward to playtime, they will quickly understand that aggressive behavior results in less fun.

It may also be necessary express to the dog that it has caused pain if it begins biting by yelping or exclaiming in some other manner. This is not unlike the way that dogs behave with one another. If a dog is injured during play it will yelp which lets the other animals know that it has been hurt.

A strong “no” can also curb unwanted behavior in a puppy. For older dogs, more extreme measures may be necessary during aggressive dog training. When the animal displays aggressive behavior, it may need to be locked up in a crate or kennel.

A kennel or crate works the best when the dog is unable to have any contact with the source of its aggression. It is not uncommon for a dog to growl and snap at the air viciously when a stranger passes by or another dog is near in spite of the fact the dog can actually cause any harm.
Dog aggression is something that must be dealt with immediately.

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