Basic Puppy Training - The First Month

February 11, 2017
Basic Puppy Training
Your first month of basic puppy training is a critical time for your puppy, especially the first week. A few items you will need are a dog bed for your puppy to sleep in, bowls for food and water as well as puppy food, toys, a collar, and a leash.

All of your family members must agree on a routine for the puppy, including rules and responsibilities towards it. In the first few days, show enthusiasm. Your puppy needs a routine, and to feel security. Puppies need lots of sleep, so if your puppy looks sleepy then let them sleep.

One important thing to remember during basic puppy training is to show love. However, showing too much love will result in the spoiling of your dog.

Basic Puppy TrainingThis will make it difficult to train in the future. Attempting to retrain the dog in the future will prove to be even more difficult, and may be frustrating to you as an owner.

To avoid this, ensure that everyone acts upon their agreed commitment and responsibilities towards the puppy. Be consistent in your daily training program, making no exceptions even when you have company in your home. This will allow your puppy to recognize your authority.

When setting your routine for basic puppy training, be sure to include a clear schedule for walking the puppy, as well as feeding and playing with the puppy, and of course, training. When your puppy performs with positive behavior, give it attention and rewards immediately, such as praise or treats.

Do not give in to your puppy’s every whim, giving them a treat simply because they are cute.

Observe the behavior of your puppy so as to prevent punishing the puppy with no clear reasons.

Finally, when you need to change the methods of training your puppy, modify them so that they are always short, enjoyable and fun.

Here are some tips for basic dog training. Get an adjustable puppy for your collar so that you can adjust the collar as your puppy grows. You should also get a leash, preferably a training three in one.

For your puppy’s food and water bowls, only have one of each.

For durability and hygiene, it is recommended that you get stainless steel bowls. Toys should be used as motivators. To get your puppy to recognize its name, call the puppy to you using their name.

Crouch down and open your arms to the puppy, then call its name.

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