Clicker Puppy Training - How Does It Work?

February 12, 2017
Clicker Puppy Training
Clicker puppy training is a very good method of controlling a puppy’s behavior it is a very effective method of teaching your puppy basic commands. The great thing is that it doesn’t take a long time to learn and once mastered you can teach you puppy almost anything.

How does clicker training work?

Clicker Puppy Training
The sound of the clicker is very sharp and strong which your puppy can hear from a long distance away. When you sound the clicker you give your puppy a specific command. This aim of this training is to reward this specific command with the noise from the clicker.

Clicker Puppy training does not start with the clicker your puppy must understand that the clicker is a reward for when he is good. So a great place to start would be with a selection of his favorite treats and a cheap clicker from your local pet store.

Your puppy will then always think that after hearing the clicker he has done a good job and a scrumptious treat will soon be heading his way.

How is Clicker puppy training done?

The training can be broken down into 3 simple steps. The first stage is to get you puppy to take a required action that you would like him to do, like sitting or rolling over. Once they have completed this action sound your clicker (which says to him ‘good puppy’) and give him a reward.

The puppy after a short while soon understands what he has been doing and repeats it when you click the clicker. The reason that clicker puppy training works so well is that the puppy understands and responds quickly, much quicker than if they were given a verbal instruction.

One your puppy has received his reward it’s important to keep getting him to repeat the behavior as often as possible so the action will soon become second nature to him. Also you don’t have to give him a treat every time, the treats can be substituted with petting and praise which work just as well.

Progressing from clicker training

The next stage when your puppy has got used to an action using the clicker you can start to use verbal commands, which can be used anywhere and without a clicker.

When you were about to use the clicker just say the command out loud then click and give him his reward. Your puppy will learn to associate all 3 together.

Clicker training makes training your puppy so much easier, they understand what pleases you much quicker and easier.

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