Crate Training a Puppy - Creating a Den for Your Puppy

February 13, 2017
Crate Training a Puppy
Many people are finding that crate training a puppy is a beneficial way to help their pet adapt to life. A crate is used to replace a dog’s natural inclination to find a den.

By using a crate the owner can create the den for the animal and with the addition of their toys and other items it can become a safe haven for the puppy to play, feed and sleep in.

Crates can also be beneficial in house training one’s puppy. For some owners who have puppies that seem to be into everything if it is handled correctly, the crate can offer them a safe place for their pet to be where he can’t harm anything or harm himself.

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One of the main ingredients in using crate training on a puppy is to do so with the right mind set. The crate needs to be used as a positive place for the puppy.

Crate Training a PuppyOne needs to avoid any negative actions or sounds that can be associated with the crate. The puppy needs to see this as their refuge from the world, where they can go and relax in a safe place.

It is important to keep this mindset at all times when one embarks on crate training. For a puppy this can be a warm and welcoming place where he can feel safe and secure that no one will bother him.

One of the main benefits in crate training a puppy is the ability to confine a pet until they learn to control their bladder and bowel control. As a rule, dogs do not like to urinate or defecate where they sleep. Therefore by keeping your puppy confined to his crate you gain some control over when and where he uses the toilet.

It is important that you take the dog out for walks at regular times and that any accidents are cleaned up immediately. By using this technique it becomes easier to house train a puppy.

Many people think of crate training as being inhumane or cruel, they liken it to a jail and such. But when one properly crate trains a puppy nothing could be farther from the truth. Puppies thrive on a sense of safety and security, yet the world is large and it takes some time to get out and explore every bit of it.

There is a great deal for them that is unknown. It only makes sense that at times they would need a place, like a den, where things are always the same, and they know they can be safe and secure.

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