Dog Training Methods - Determining the Best Method for Your Dog

February 16, 2017
Dog Training Methods
There are almost as many dog training methods as there are breeds of dogs. Of course, not every method is as effective as the next and some simply do not work at all.

Additionally, different methods are available for different purposes. For instance, a dog being trained as a seeing-eye dog will require a different a different method than a family pet.

Likewise, a dog being trained to pull a sled will need a different type of training than what is used to prepare police dogs.

The biggest difference between modern methods of training dogs and those that were used a generation ago is a switch from negative to positive reinforcement.

Dog Training Methods Before an individual can decide which of the dog training methods is best for their animal and themselves, it will be necessary to understand exactly why dog training is so important. A well-trained dog will not put children, other animals, and property at risk.

A well-trained dog will also live a happier life since it is less likely to run away, get hit by a car, or get into dangerous chemicals and materials around the home. An important part of training will involve socializing the dog with children, strangers, and other animals.

It was not uncommon for many individuals to use dog training methods that involve negative reinforcement in the past. That is, a dog owner might strike an animal or yell aggressively at the dog when it misbehaved or failed to follow a command. This method was especially popular when people were trying to house train an animal.

Owners would often rub the animal’s nose in the mess they had made after eliminating indoors. Rather than enforcing the idea that it was wrong to relieve itself in the house, the dog would learn that it should not eliminate in front of its owner.

Positive reinforcement, on the other hand is one of the dog training methods that reinforces good behavior rather than focusing on the animal’s mistakes. A popular form of positive reinforcement training is the use of clickers. When using this type of method, the owner or trainer will use a clicker to make a distinctive noise when the dog does something good.

The dog then learns to associate that particular sound with a reward. Another one of the dog training methods that is very popular is known as lure training. This method uses a lure such as a toy in order to teach the dog commands.

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