House Break a Puppy - How to Get Started

February 15, 2017
House Break a Puppy
Consistency is the name of the game when you house break a puppy. However, what should you be consistent in? The answer is simple…everything.

Whether you are training your dog to eliminate outside or in a designated area inside, you must stand your ground every step of the way.

Specifically, this means: establishing a routine for your puppy’s toileting, correcting the dog when he has an accident and rewarding the dog when he eliminates in the right area.

To house break a puppy, you must first initiate a toileting schedule. If you walk your dog, you want to train him to use the bathroom while he is outside.

On the other hand, if your dog eliminates inside, you want to try to have him do it only once during the times that you are not home.

House Break a PuppyOtherwise, the waste builds up creating an unsanitary situation for both you and your dog. In either case, the best way to establish a routine is to feed your dog at certain times.

For walkers, put the food and water out a couple of hours before going outside. Conversely, if you are potty training your dog inside, after a feeding keep him in his area until he starts sniffing around.

This signifies that he has to go to the bathroom. Place him in his toilet spot, whether it’s a litter box, a pile of newspapers or puppy pads.

If a mistake is made during this process, you must correct your dog. After his elimination, point him to the area and say “No,” firmly. He will whimper and get upset, but on the same token he will realize that he did something wrong.

This is very important when you house break a dog. Remember, even when your dog gets used to a routine, it is normal for him to have an accident.

Out in nature, dogs were able to eliminate whenever they wanted; in a domesticated environment, they have to follow human rules. A light reprimand is the best way to reinforce those rules.

There is one more thing you should do when trying to house break a puppy. It involves giving him a reward every time he eliminates in the appropriate area. In addition to giving your puppy a doggy treat, you should also praise him. Say, “Good dog,” and give him lots of hugs.

The dog will start to get excited every time he needs to relieve himself. He may even give his own cues that he has to go.

Scratching on the door, barking and scampering around are just a few of the things dogs do to indicate that they have to go.

This can even be the case for inside dogs when they cannot go to their area. Regardless, when you have gotten to this point, pat yourself on the back as you have successfully house broken your puppy.

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