House Puppy Training - Tips for House Training

February 17, 2017
House Puppy Training
It is unlikely that most people will be able to watch their puppy 24 hours a day. Because of this, the house puppy training process takes at least six months. It involves patience and commitment, as well as consistency. The first thing that should be done is establishing a routine.

Following a schedule will teach your puppy that there is a time for everything. Taking your puppy outside frequently will also help. Do this every two hours at least, including after he wakes up.
Choose a spot for your pup to go to the bathroom outside, and each time you take him out to use the bathroom, take him to this spot with a leash.

A big part of house puppy training is rewarding your puppy when he does well. Give him a treat or praise, immediately after he is finished. A regular eating schedule is also important for them.

House Puppy TrainingFeed your puppy at the same times every day to make his routine consistent. About two and a half hours prior to your puppy’s bedtime, put away his water dish so that he will not have to go during the night. If your puppy wakes you up during the night, turn on as few lights as possible while going out.
Supervision is necessary for house puppy training.

Whenever your puppy is indoors, be sure to keep a close watch on him. Keep the puppy close to you or tethered to a nearby piece of furniture when you are not playing with him and he is not being trained.

When he is in the yard, be sure to keep the puppy on a leash. Only give him freedom in the yard after he is house trained. If you are not able to watch your puppy at a certain time, confine him to a small area.

The final thing to consider while house puppy training is what will happen when you’re away from your puppy. Puppies can control their bladder one hour for every month of their age. If you must be away for long periods, you should arrange for someone to take your puppy outside when needed.

This individual should be someone you trust, a responsible adult such as a neighbor or a pet sitter. Confine your puppy to an area that has a place for him to play, sleep, and eliminate if necessary. This space should be a box lined with several layers of newspaper or filled with litter products.

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